FAUZ Engineering Limited has successfully completed highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients in remote and challenging locations all over in Pakistan.  FAUZ will assume overall responsibility for your project, thereby relieving you, the customer, of this burden and risk. Our EPC expertise can successfully execute challenging projects in this area.

High-quality Project Planning

FAUZ’s team of planning experts analyzes all stages of your project and spearheads all scheduling work and activities involved to ensure quality and a cost efficient execution.

Principal Engineering Solutions

Our community of engineers develops tailored innovative project designs beyond industry standards to meet exact customer needs.

Comprehensive Procurement & Logistics

FAUZ procurement and logistic experts foster a global operational approach to purchasing plants material and controlling the entire supply chain in accordance with contract requirements.

Proficient Construction

We ensure a single site interface managing site infrastructure and contractors, erection management (civil, electrical, mechanical, and piping), quality control & assurance, materials control, handling & tracking.

Flourishing Commissioning & Testing

Switching your plant on FAUZ’s teams secure overall commissioning management, thanks to their comprehensive plant knowledge.