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FAUZ have hands on experience and expertise on multiple systems from different vendors. Few vendors are listed below

  • Honeywell
  • Emerson
  • Yokogawa
  • Schneider-electric
  • ABB
  • RockWell
  • GE
  • WonderWare
  • Siemens
  • OSISoft
  • HIMA


Industrial Solutions

PIMS, MES, EAMS, CMMS, ERP, Historian, Analytics, Big Data, IOT/IIOT

Fauz provides different industrial software products and solutions. Fauz provide industrial 4.0 complaint solutions. Fauz have experts and experience of Integrated advanced plant information management system, Computerized Maintenance Management System, EAM, Manufacturing Intelligence, Business Intelligence, ERP and LIMS (Lab Information Management System).

Beside software solutions Fauz provides Enterprise connectivity tools/suits for connectivity to PLC/DCS, SAP and oracle.

Following products, modules and features are part of our single server deployment suit. We provide single module as well integrated suit with all features/modules

PIMS, MES, MI, Analytics, Historian

  • Real time process analysis
  • Energy Analysis, dashboards and predictive analytics
  • Data Historian,Reports and dashboards
  • Production, performance dashboards and KPIs
  • Utilities dashboards and KPIs
  • Reliability analysis, MTBS, MTTR, RF
  • Down time analysis
  • OEE, Availability, Production Rate Index
  • Integrated laboratory management system


  • Predictive maintenance, Preventive maintenance and condition-based maintenance.
  • Cost prediction
  • Maintenance prediction, planning and automatic assignment
  • Production, performance dashboards and KPIs
  • Live maintenance activities monitoring
  • Smart devices based digital portfolio link with each individual part and equipment at plant
  • Augmented reality applications using smart glasses
  • Maintenance activities historian
  • Inventory management

Smart Factory

  • Automated production planning
  • Automated Maintenance activities adjustment based on production plan
  • Visual info graphics to show complete production plan



Fauz has a long-standing history of providing automation solutions that help our customers improve operational efficiency and quality, in their product, processes, and packaging systems. We have Experience in:

  • Design, setup and commissioning of automatic control and control systems for industrial processes in various fields
  • Process Automation, Machine Automation and Plant Automation
  • Development of software application for programmable controllers
  • Engineering solutions for optimal and efficient operations of automatic systems
  • I/O Panels
  • Selection, delivery and commissioning of control measuring instruments and automation tools
  • Instrumentation

Vendors And Systems;


  • DCS: Experion
  • Honey Well Advanced Software: PSA (Process Safety Analyzer), Uniformance, UniSim , CPM(Control Performance Monitoring)
  • Safety systems: Safety Manager
  • Blending: Honeywell Enraf's Fusion4 BioBlend, Fusion4 Microblender(Commissioning, Services), Honeywell Enraf Tanks and gauging system
  • Process Suit: MPC (Model Predictive Control)


    • DCS: DeltaV
    • Safety System: SIS (Safety Instrumented System): ESD, FGS, BMS


    • DCS/PLC: CETUM VP, Centum CS, FA-M3
    • Safety Systems: ProSafe-RS, ProSafe-SLS
    • Data Historian: Exaquantum


    • DCS: FoxBro
    • Safety System: EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems

    Also, our team have expertise and experience of ABB, Siemens, GE, Rockwell systems. Industries: Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Metal and steel, Cement industry, Petrochemical


    Safety Systems


    Fauz provides Safety Instrumented Systems that are not only proven in managing catastrophic risks but also are tightly integrated with the main control system to enhance overall plant availability and reliability. With our huge experience in the domain of oil & gas automation we ensure a seamless integration of disparate control systems, which helps in minimizing project costs in the short run and reducing plant maintenance and shutdown costs over the life of the asset.

    Our expertise with well-trained functional safety personnel (TÜV FS Eng) on board assures you of asset integrity and protection of people from a perspective of applied process safety

    Fauz provides services in

    • ESD (Emergency Shut Down)
    • FGS
    • BMS

    Vendors And Systems;


    • Safety Manager


    • SIS (Safety Instrumented System): ESD, FGS, BMS


    • ProSafe-RS, ProSafe-SLS


    • EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems


    HVAC Project

    Sr. Clients Location Scope Of Supply
    Unilever Walls Multan Road Lahore Unilever (Walls)
    2. Meezan Multan Road Lahore Exhaust Hood, Air coolers & HVAC Equipment
    3. Nestle Sheikhupura Cooling Tower , Fabrication & Installation Of HVAC & CS Piping: 25,000, DIA Inches
    4. Fatima Fertilizer Jacobabad Fabrication & Installation Of HVAC CS Piping : 25,000 Dia. Inched
    5. Shahbaz Air Base PAF Jacobabad Installation of Turbine, Chillers, Natural Gas Compressors, Buffers Vessels, UG /AG Storage Tanks, Chilled Water Piping, Chemical Dosing System
    6. Century Paper & Board Mill Lahore HVAC High Pressure Piping & CS Piping (4500 DI) Including Pipe Racks & Structure (40 Ton)
    7. Sapphire finishing & Dying Lahore Installation of Boiler, Steel Structure Fabrication & Piping
    8. Nestle Pakistan Limited Karachi Installation of Ammonia Refrigeration System
    9. Coca Cola Beverages Multan Supply of HVAC Equipment & Plumbing
    10. Gourmet Multan Supply & Installation of Floor Standing Acs
    11. Pepsi Lahore Supply & Installation of AHUS & other Equipment
    12. ENGRO Sukkur Supply , Installation& Allied HVAC work with Turnkey Solution
    13. FAUJI Meat Limited Karachi Supply & Installation of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration System
    14. Gourmet Lahore Supply & Installation of Refrigeration System, Ducting & Plumbing etc.
    15. Gourmet Lahore Supply & Installation of Fabric Air Duct

    Our Clients

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