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Chairman Message

Fauz Engineering limited has established (Consolidated) its position as a project development and Management Company offering the most reliable best possible integrated and competitive engineering solutions to our customer’s thone-window window operations. It has won laurels (excellent customer stratification /appreciation) of multinationals, foreign-owned companies as well as natenterprisesrprise by virtue of its excellent project execution techniques, remarkable efficiency, and high level of professional expertise as well as economy.

The Management cadre of Fauz engineering companies of highly qualified professionals equipped with foreign training, vast and versatile experience in the countertop-ranking ranking industrial enterprises. The engineering and technical cadres of Fauz comprise of true professionals possessing engineering and technical qualification compled with (Foreign training) variety of experience and remarkable job execution skills owing to true professional approach and strategy of its management associated with excellent competitive commitment , hard work and efficiency of our engineers  and technical cadres.Fauz Engineering Ltd has come out as one of the key players in the field of project development in our country . Fauz also extends innovative local and foreign training opportunities to some cadres in order to keep them abreast of the latest development and to meet the challenges in management technology techniques and skills. Fauz also provides challenging opportunities to its employees at variety of jobs to enable them to enrich their experience and to face challenges successful. It helps them to contribute their best talent (through interdisciplinary professional support) for advancement in their career building. It also provides communication facility to all the employees, transport facility to its operational cadre. Fauz provides excellent working environment salaries, allowances facilities benefits, bonuses, incentives, mortgage and loan facilities. The employees of Fauz also enjoy some benefits such as health insurance facilities, medical and maternity allowance. All these contributions of the company create a good institution for the staff to be proud to each and every team member to play his vital role in the national building activity. Its  In right, strategic planning’s, forcefully direction, achievement oriented assignment of targets associated with human capability dignity and incential as well as human sympathy are the most significant qualities of our CEO for making Fauz a symbol of success and progress of the company in the field around us .I am whole leartelly proud of all individuals’ team members and role players (from managerial to staff levels) who have displayed their best qualities of competence, commitment hard working, efficiency and loyalty and work discipline to made their company gloring example of success . Their contributions has made Fauz recognized as professional enterprise despite the economic & political fluctuations in both national and international arenas, our company has contributed to pursue our vision with very strong results by the grace of Almighty Allah! I am therefore not only hopeful but also positive we face the future of our company and I am also excited about what lies head.